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Big and Tall Sports Jerseys Sizing Chart

Having trouble figuring out what size of jersey you need? Or maybe you want to send a big and tall jersey as a gift, but not sure what size that you will need? The sizing chart and measuring instructions below will help you find your measurements accurately.

How to find your measurements :

Taking your measurements is quite easy. All you will need will be a measuring tape (and possibly someone to help you measure your chest).
  • How to measure your chest : Relax your arms at your side. Keep your measuring tape level, measure the fullest part of your chest. That's all there is to it.
  • How to measure your neck size : Find a collared shirt that fits you well. Button your collared shirt all the way to the top. Wrap the tape around the inside of your collared shirt until it meets it's starting point.
  • Length of your sleeve : Relax your arms to your side and slightly bent in a natural position. From the center back of your neck measure over your shoulder and down your arm, all the way down to your wrist.
  • Measuring your waist : Measure your waist at your navel is easy as can be. Be sure to keep the tape flat, yet comfortably loose.
  • Inseam : Find a pair of pants that fit you just right. Lay them down on a flat surface (with the inseams facing up. Measure the length of the inseam (from the crotch down to the pant leg hem).
Big/Tall Jersey Sizing
Neck (in)19-19.520-20.521-21.515-15.516-16.517-17.518-18.5
Chest (in)54-5658-6062-6438-4042-4446-4850-52
Sleeve (in)35.5-3635.5-3635.5-3635-3636-3836.5-37.537-38
Waist (in)50-5254-5658-6032-3436-3740-4244-46

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